Monday, January 1, 2018

OcenAudio 3.3 Download Free, OcenAudio Review

 OcenAudio 3.3 Download Free, OcenAudio Review

OcenAudio is a great multi-platform audio editor. OcenAudio is an application that allows you to edit and record audio files processing them thanks to the many useful dedicated tools. Among the various features in OcenAudio, we find support for the most popular audio files in addition to the VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins.

 OcenAudio 3.3 Download Free, OcenAudio Review

The interface of OcenAudio is well structured and allows you (thanks to some included plugins) to intervene on some parameters such as volume, tonality, speed, pitch, normalization, compression, etc.

OcenAudio also allows you to make recordings from multiple sources by processing them in real time thanks to several integrated tools.

You can perform a complete analysis of any audio file as well as apply multiple adjustments or add effects in real time with a powerful spectrogram.

Size: 32.5 MB
License: Free
Publisher: ocenaudio Team
Operating System: Windows